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About Us


Everything is presented and manufactured inside the Magic Box Factory. For bakery and sweets products with renewed ideas that keep pace with the local and international market, as we have frozen and fresh products according to the desires of our customers. We are proud to produce what they desire, whatever their requests, to give them their competitive advantage with consistent quality.

We are proud of our logistical services that serve all cities of the Kingdom, and with Vision 2030 and the support that all factories in the Kingdom receive, we began exporting products outside the Kingdom, thanks to the world’s confidence in Saudi products and industry and the quality of our products, which made us gain the trust of our customers.

We have come here because of our passion that we can provide products that compete with the global market and be an icon of success for all our customers. We are also proud that we hold all international certificates


Always innovating...and creating the most delicious products that are offered in the world. And reinventing the way customers are, to collaboratively express unique, out-of-the-box thinking in bakery and dessert designs that allow customers' expectations to be exceeded.


Exceptional food is our way of life. Our passion for pure, sustainable ingredients and our steadfast commitment to always exceed our customers' expectations protect our future. Raising the level of innovation and operational excellence and embracing sustainability with all stakeholders. To provide the communities in which the business serves high quality products and give back to what makes communities together.